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Large Tree Removal Specialist

Our arborists can assist in the assessment and removal of your problem trees. We use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure accurate and safe tree dismantling.Although we specialise in large, complex and dangerous trees we are equally efficient at removing any size tree in any location including confined spaces.

A worker performing tree lopping in Newcastle

Tree Care, Pruning & Hazard Reductíon

We excel in completing difficult to access tall tree pruning. We offer a wide range of pruning options that are non-invasive and promote good tree health and vigour. All tree care and pruning work undertaken by Agility Professional Tree Service adheres to the Australian Pruning Standard.

Crane Assisted Tree Removal

When a crane is utilised it reduces labour hours and minimises the impact on the surrounding area creating a quick and cost efficient way of carrying out tree works. We have undertaken thousands of crane jobs, so if you think your tree problem will require removal with a crane we are happy to discuss this option with you.

24 Hour Emergency Work

We have assisted many people and their properties following storms and extreme weather conditions. Agility worked solidly through the June storm that rocked Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the Hunter Region and understand the need for efficient and safe service in an emergency.

Stump Grinding

Leaving a stump in the ground is unsightley and can attract termites and fungus to your yard, Here at Agility we have 30hp to 60hp all terrain stump grinders that will get to the hardest to reach areas, these machines will make short work of the biggest stumps in you yard.

Chipping & Mulching

We have large capacity wood chippers that can handle 18" diameter timber with ease, If you wish to retain the mulch from your tree please let us know and we are more than happy to leave on site.

Block & Land Clearing

If you have land that needs to be cleared, look no further we have the machinery and resourses to remove trees and the stumps from the ground with ease, we will leave your block clean and ready for building.

Equipment & Resources

Here at Agility we have an extensive range of equipment, including 2 x 20m3 chip trucks, 2 x Bandit 1590 18" capacity wood chippers, 30hp and 60hp stump grinders, log trucks and loaders, all rigging and ground saws to ensure your job is done with ease.

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